Bracelet Shop

I am selling Custom Bracelets, and other jewerly that is custom made.

This blog will have all the information needed when you want to buy something. Essentially, I would like you to fill out this form. It will just make things a little easier. I would also like you to know that I ask for payments up front. There are certain things I have to buy to make the bracelets (or pay for shipping)

I also require paypal for payments. You don't have to have a paypal account, just an e-mail address, but I send invoices/reciepts through there.  However having an account makes it so much easier!
Here are just a few examples of bracelets I have made :



2.E-mail address (so I can either send you an invoice if you are paying cash/money order or an e-mail if you are paying with paypal)

3. What you would like to buy:


B.Friendship (Arrow, heart, candy striped, zig zag)

C. Hemp

Then, describe what you want, so I can make it custom, just the way you want it.

Ex. Friendship, arrow, red yellow and blue

- If you go to you can find a bracelet pattern you like and I can make those as long as they are not too complicated.

Finally, wrist size? (or neck for necklaces/chockers)


Regular Prices:

Friendship bracelets are $1 each for the simpler ones. $2 for the next hardest. $3 for the hardest. Request a design ones will be $5 and up depending on how hard you want. Will post examples soon. No shipping on these.

Beaded are $1 for the first one then 2 for $1 after that.

Hemp/Macrame bracelets are $5.00

Hemp Necklaces are $7.50

Cuffs are $5.00 (shipping included in price)

Grab Bag!

These are all premade. For the grab bag, I will randomly pick some bracelets out of this bag of bracelets I have made and send them to you. 10 bracelets for $6 + s&h

You can also choose sets of 5, 10, 15 or 20 bracelets. I wont sale more than 20, or less than 5 for a grab bag. You will most likely recieve 1 or 2 glow in the dark bracelets, 1 PLUR bracelet, and then other random ones. If you want real custom ones