Friday, July 30, 2010

Characters Vs Plots/ Ideas

In the past 10 years I have written a lot of poetry, lyrics, short stories, and articles. I've also had many ideas for novels (many of which I have written about in earlier posts on here) but it seems that I have gotten stuck.

For some reason I can't continue with the books even though that has always been my dream. I've been reading answers from my favorite Author, Ellen Hopkins on formspring and it gave me the idea to try something new.

Going to go through the story ideas and try to figure out what the characters are all about. Dig deep into their psyche and let the characters tell their own story.

I am not sure if this will be my answer in finally finishing these stories but it is worth a shot.

Any suggestions?

Week 4 Weigh In & Update

7/31/10 - Taebo - 45 minutes
8/1/10 - Taebo - 20 minutes
8/2/10 - 31 minutes, 135 calories burned
8/3/10 - 33 minutes; 135 calories burned
8/4/10 - 30 minutes, 143 calories burned
8/5/10 - 35 minutes, 162 calories

Unlocked new workout minute bank on the Wii fit + for 20 hours of working out total!

Weight In: Lost 2.4 more pounds this week which makes the total so far 25.6 pounds lost!

Today, Friday August 6th I went to see my nutritionist which I do at the beginning of every month. She was really proud and happy with my success so far. In a month (according to her scale) I lost 6.6 pounds. That's really great in one month! She made a goal for me to walk 10,000 steps daily (which would be 5 miles). I get around 5,000+ steps at the moment. So 10,000 steps will be a hefty goal but very doable.

I think that is all the news I have for this until my next update.....I'll talk to all of you soon.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update + Weigh In -Week # 3

7/24/10 - 50 minutes; 190 calories burned
7/25/10 - 61 minutes; 238 calories burned
7/26/10 - 31 minutes, 159 calories burned
7/27/10 - 32 Minutes, 143 calories burned
7/28/10 - 60 minutes; 233 calories burned
7/29/10 - 32 minutes; 162 calories burned

Weigh In - 7/30/10

This week I lost 2.6 pounds! So far I've lost 23 pounds, and have 82 to go!

I have been working out at least 30 minutes a day (as you can see at the beginning of the post), and trying to get better with eating. I am not a fan of fruits or vegetables so it is hard to get them included in my diet. I also don't think I have been getting enough calories everyday. I should consume at least 1200 (up to 1500) but somedays I can't get enough. So still learning as I go.

Next week I meet with my nutritionist again, and I will talk about that next week.

Trying to keep my blood sugar controlled. There is an easy way to lower it: exercise. 15 minutes has proven to lower it a lot.

Till next time, I will talk to all of you soon.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update & Weigh in - Week # 2

Week # 2 - July 2010
7/19/10 - 50 minutes +217 calories burned [7,665 steps]
7/20/10 - 45 minutes +179 calories burned [6,375 steps]
7/21/10 - 30 minutes +124 calories burned [6,780 steps]
7/22/10 - 42 minutes + 184 calories burned [2,278 steps]

Weigh In: maintained

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Projects in the future!

The first project is about writing more. I love to write but lately have either not been writing or have not had inspiration. If I find inspiration to write poetry or stories I will do so, if not I will work on articles or things like that that need to be researched. I am going to start working on this so in August or September I can have things to post frequently.

The next project is I want to create a manga book/series. Hopefully one day to be able to be found in book stores. First thing is figuring out a story, and also lots of working on my drawing skills. I will write more about that as I figure out what I am going to do.

If you have any ideas for a very different, unique idea for a manga story, feel free to let me know.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Update & Weigh in - Week # 1

Weigh In #1 = loss of 2 pounds

7/15/10 - 43 minutes, 182 calories burned
(the rest of the week + more can be found on my blog)

I will have a more updated post next week as I am not as prepared yet.

There are a lot of issues I need to work on as well as a diet, but I will get to them in time. As I find out ways to beat those issues I will write more about them.

My blood sugar is like a rollarcoaster effect; some days it's high, some it's low (not extreme low), sometimes its moderate. My first goal is to keep it under 200 as much as possible (which I have been doing pretty well) then the next step with my blood sugar will be to get it more under control. 140 after meals an 110 before meals an in the morning.
photo source here

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Health, Lifestyle & Goals

Since I am now dieting and sticking to an actual plan with only a few scheduled deviations, I decided I should talk more about it on my blog. So once I week I will post about the success of the week (probably every friday since that is the day I weigh in).

I will include minutes I work out daily, steps counted by my pedometer, weight lossed, and maybe calories consumed (but I havent gotten around to tracking the numbers daily since I don't count calories really anymore...although I try to). My main focus is eating balanced ...with the diabetic exchanges (since our diet is different than those who don't have diabetes).

I will update up till this point and then go to posting on Fridays.

Workouts: These workouts are with the wii fit plus unless stated otherwise.
7/14 - 46 minutes, 205 calories burned
7/13 - 53 minutes, 210 calories burned
7/12 - 48 minutes, 194 calories burned
7/11 - 46 minutes, 214 calories burned
7/10 - 19minutes, 81 calories burned
7/9 - 32 minutes, 129 calories burned
7/8 - 62 minutes,252 calories burned
7/7 - 43 minutes, 194 calories burned
7/6 - 32 minutes, 123 calories burned
7/5 --
7/4 - 32 minutes, 146 calories burned
7/3 --Taebo 45 mins
7/2 - 31 minutes, 195 calories burned
7/1 - 48 minutes, 220 calories burned
6/30 - 33 minutes, 135 calories burned
6/29 - 33 minutes, 187 calories burned

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Highstreet Band Experience

The Highstreet Band was one of the performers on the first night of the 2010 Fourth of July festivities in my town. When I saw their name on the list, I wasn't too enthused, but I was going to to the towns square to watch the fireworks up close. After I heard their first song, I was very pleased to be emersed in their music.

The band is a colorful and eccentric show band, full of not only great musicians, but characters. They wear bright colored zuit suits, to match their colorful personalities. They also get the audience into their songs by walking off the stage and into the crowd, or by getting them to clap or sing along. I really thought it was neat when the saxophone player walked around the crowd during their performance of Zuit Suit Riot.

I also liked the fact that they sang songs from many different genres. Some bands like to stick to one because it's what they know best, but The Highstreet Band did well on every genre they played. They played songs from the 80's and the 90's, they sang country, rock and roll (sang Billie Jean by Michael Jackson), as well as many others. One of my favorite songs they performed was Crazy Love which was written and performed by Van Morrison.