Journey To Health and Weight-Loss

This page I am going to use as something to help me keep track on my journey and let anyone who wants to know how I am doing as time goes by.  I will post each week how much I have lost and how I am doing.  Not sure yet, but I might daily track calories, and such....but have not decided.  I may also add some pictures to see if  I AM in fact doing well.   Today; June 2nd, 2010 I met the nutritionist and made an appointment for June 11th.  In the meantime I am supposed to write down what I eat, when, and how much.  I now have a pedometer and am suppose to walk 10,000 steps or more (which would be 5 miles) first I may not be walking that much ( I highly doubt) but eventually I will get there.  Soon, I also plan to work some kickboxing and dancing back in.     Wish me luck?  I have 92 pounds left to lose.