Makeup Looks

On this page I will share pictures of different makeup looks that I do.  Most of the time I use the 88 shimmer palette from Coastal Scents. 

Here are the different looks that I have created!

This first look is a simple dark green look.  Black up to the crease, dark green on top and then a matte white as a highlight.

The blues.   Light/sea? blue in the middle, darker bright blue around and on the crease, and then another light blue above that darker color.

These two are pastel looks.  I used a pastel green, blue, pink and purple.  Pretty simple yet fun.

This look is one of my favorites of all time.  Sharing two pics in different lightings.  The colors used for this look are (as close as I could get to it...) olive green on the lid, dark blue in the outer corner and up into the crease, and then a coral pink color above the other two colors.

This next look is done with three main colors - Yellow, Orange and Pink.  My mascara didnt dry enough, so I accidently got some where the pink is above the crease so I added a little purple to try and blend it out.  I still think it turned out alright.  Any thoughts?

Now, this is a simple brown look.  Darker on the outer corner, and a little bit lighter towards the inner corner. 

Now, this is a very popping look. Bright blue on the lid and past the crease, pink above that, and then purple where the blue and pink meet. I added green underneath the eye, and also use green to make some fun "wings".
This look is used with the 88 Shimmer Palette. 

  • Black (lid color/base)

  • Dark Blue (on top of black)

  • Dark Purple (outer corner)

  • White (highlight)

I started this look off with a blue shadow stick (used as a base).  Then I used a bluish green color above the crease, and then finally a light blue as a highlight (as a mistake, but I like how it turned out) - can substitute white as the highlight color.


This look sort of reminds me of a sunset.  I used Orange an gold on the crease, pink above the crease, and then violet in the outer corner.  As always, a shimmery white as a highlight under the brow.

This look only uses two colors, Silver and Purple.  Use purple on the lid, up to the crease and as a highlight.  Above the crease use a fairly dark purple. 


This is one of my favorite looks.  Another sunset/starburst look!  The color used are:

  • Purple (on the lid up to the crease)

  • Pink (above the crease)

  • Yellow (above the pink)

  • Orange (where the pink and yellow meet)

  • White (as a highlight )

Another favorite looks of mine.  On the lid is a bright Neon Green.  Above the green is a mixture of a few different blues.  Then white as a highlight as always!

This look is a dark and dramatic.  First I covered the lid with a matte black.  Then I used a few different purples from the 88 shimmer palette over the black and blended it out above the crease.