Saturday, May 29, 2010

Driving Safely - Is that a new concept?

This video is very graphic, but while watching it I was so shocked and taken aback. We need to watch what we do on the road. I never seen anything this bad personally, but they do happen. People don't pay enough attention, they are on their cell phones, texting, talking to passengers, eating....etc and accidents happen. Very sad video, but I thought it was worth sharing.

So it makes me wonder; is driving safely a new concept? Or are just a lot of drivers (not all, most drivers I know personally are very safe) ignorant to their foolishness on the road?


Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Flight Experience [May 2010]

Third time is a charm perhaps? This is my third time trying to get back to where I grew up. First the plane left too early, then it was cancelled; third time now it is in progress. I will tell you up to this point now and I will update when I am finished with the flight.

So, arrived at the departing airport around 3:30 (flight scheduled to leave 4:30 PM) The started us through security early (the plane hadn't yet landed at the airport even). We left around 4:45 Pm. The flight was fairly quick and easy. Sat by a nice lady. Unfortunately I did not get a window seat but that is besides the point.

Landed in Houston (mind you is under construction...but that doesnt really affect anything). Took a shuttle bus from Terminal A to Terminal B (where we all got off to find our Terminal). My boarding pass told me that I was supposed to go to Terminal E but I looked at the flight status board and it told me to go to Terminal C. So, I got on the "train" to said terminal. Walked a few flights of stairs (they have escalators but I fear those...) so I was out of breathe. Found a Wendy's near my gate so got some food. All the walking and then the meal took up most of the 3 hour wait.

Interesting Fact:
First plane (unsure kind?) : 29 passengers
Second (from Houston - 737 maybe?) : around 180 passengers
Third (From Salt Lake City to Idaho - Embrasalia or some kind of plane...made partly in Brazil...) 1 passenger!

Anyway. The flight from Houston was alright. Almost three hours long. Sat by a young married couple. Again,no window seat but it was dark anyway (almost 9 pm till around midnight). We got to watch a film on this plane. Tooth Fairy. There was a different film that I was hoping to see (can't remember it at the moment). Tooth Fairy was a good movie. The film with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. He played Derrick, a man with no faith in fantasy or dreams. He told a kid that he'd never make it in Hockey and then told his girlfriends daughter that there was no such thing as the tooth fairy. Derrick then got sent to "tooth fairy land" where he had to learn the job of a tooth fairy. Needless to say, he learned to believe in, not only the tooth fairy, but dreams in general.

Anyway, the flight ended shortly after the film....and there was MORE! walking. Had to walk from terminal B to E this time. They are not really terminals because the terminals are titled 1 and 2. However I had to walk from where the B gates where to where the E gates are (or will be in 6.5 hours).

Now I am just sitting here writing this blog about the flight as it has been so far. All in all not too bad. Last time I got so sick. Right now I am just hungry and thirsty.

Have you flown recently? Tell me YOUR story. Who did you fly with? The majority of my flight has been Continental, and in the morning I will fly Delta.


Now, this is how the rest of my flight went.

I waited 8 long hours before my plane was set to depart. I sat in the gate area all alone....except for the people cleaning the airport.

Around 6 AM I sat and just watched people, and waited for people to come and wait for the flight too....but no one came and it was getting closer for boarding time. Come to find out, I was the only passanger on the flight!

Seriously. I got the plane to myself. How sweet is that? Ever flown by yourself before? I got to sit wherever I wanted, and the flight attendant offered me all the drinks I wanted. It was a sweet deal.

Anyway, landed 15 minutes early, and I was glad the flight was over. In the waiting area of the airport I found my cousin and my grandparents waiting.

Now, I would love to hear your travelling experiences! Feel free to share them with me in a comment!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Novel Idea [five]

First I want to say, I am not ripping off Ellen Hopkins novel entitled Impulse. Yes, it sounds like it might be relateable...however I am going to take a different spin on the story.

Three to Five strangers end up in Blackstone, a mental hospital, because they all tried to end their lives. Not sure how many strangers I am going to use yet. I may end up making it be about just one patient, or maybe two who fall in love. Still working out the details.

If you have any ideas on how I should take this story, feel free to let me know. Would love to hear what other people would like to see.

Visit my page later on for continuing information on this specific novel.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Novel Idea [Four]

Here is the next novel idea that I have in mind.

A women in her 30’s loses her husband and is left to carry on with two children (10 and 7 years). She never had a job because her husband made enough to support the whole family, they can survive a while with what’s left of what he has made but eventually they use it all and are left broke.

The beginning of the story shows the woman as she watches her husband take his final breath, and the machine to flatline.

The story follows her and her children trying to get by after the man dies.

Will update this when I add more information to the plot.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Novel Idea [Three]

Here is the next idea that I have come up with for a novel. I want to be original, and creative but there are so many stories out there, so it is hard sometimes to come up with something that hasn't been done yet. Anyway...I digress...

My story is about a college girl whose life takes a turn down a bad road. In the beginning she was a smart straight A student, and a bright girl who grew up with Christian values. After some time in college, she meets some new people who lead her down the wrong path and end up leaving her stranded.

Can she pick up the broken pieces and fix her life, or is it too late? Tune in for more.

I came up with this story line from past experience, and from stories I have heard from friends and other people.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Novel Idea [Two]

For the past four or five years, I have been coming up with new ideas for novels that I want to complete eventually. Now that I have this blog, I have decided to share the ideas and see what others think.

This story is the first one that I came up with, and I started writing it while I was a senior in high school.

Teenage Love Tragedy.

Two Lovers: Cheyenne and Andrew met in high school.She was a senior with great grades, with the world before her. She planned on going to college to study fashion design. Andrew was a junior and an all star athlete and musician. Music was his life and he planned to go on to college to further his music learning. However much to their surprise, their plans would fall short due to Andrew’s illness and body that was falling apart quickly. It struck him fast and ended his life shortly after he turned 18.

Cheyenne went crazy.Psychotic? Lunacy? She swore she saw his ghost. She was sent to an institution where she has a complete break down/panic attack where she sees her mothers ghost; who talks to her. This discussion turns Cheyenne’s whole life around.

She gets better and gets released, and is able to graduate high school after finishing her credits up with summer school.She goes to Julliard to study art and fashion;and finally gets an internship with a fashion magazine.One day on the way home from the internship, She sees both her mothers and Andrews ghost and she gets in an accident.Its too late when she gets to the hospital and the last words that spill from her lips are, “I Love You”; speaking to Andrew.

Read more:

Will write about the others in a post later on. Any thoughts?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Novel Idea

Not sure if I am going to carry this one out, but I wanted to write the idea out while it is still in my mind. Later on I will write about my other novel ideas as well, but for now here is the newest one.

The novel will be about a small group of people who have lost someone close to them by suicide. I chose this topic because it is very close to me, because I have lost a family member and a few friends to this. The book will explore how this group of people cope and how they survive losing someone. The small group meet up at a support group type thing (yeah not the best description but I am just hashing out what is my mind right now). They talk about their anger, fear, guilt and how they wish they could go back in time to save the person they lost.

I want to write about this because it happens everyday, sadly. Maybe the book will help others who feel depressed and suicidal to see how the people around them would feel if they were to pass on before their time.

For a long time I felt guilty when my uncle took his life. That turned into rage, and anger against God. However I know now that a gunshot was the only thing that took my uncle's life. Not some destiny, or something that was meant to be. My heart still grieves to this day, even though it has been five years. It still feels like it just happened. It is still fresh in my mind. Sometimes I see my uncle in my dreams.

This will all play into my book, if I ever turn this idea into a story.

So what do you all think?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is This Considered A Tragic Flaw?

The more I think on the tragic flaw topic, I have to wonder - is rambling a tragic flaw?

You would never be able to tell in person that I am a rambler, because I am so shy. However, get me talking through an e-mail (or blog even) and I can write novel length messages. I go on, and on, before I even say what I am really trying to say.

Someone once called me out on this. They said I was too extreme and need to learn how to condense my thoughts.

Condensing my thoughts, although a good idea, is not something that I find easy, or even possible. I try to condense them when I am writing an article because I don't want to make them seem like they are just rambles, however.

So what do you think, if you happen to read this entry. Is rambling a flaw?

Monday, May 3, 2010

More on Tragic Flaws--

If we have the inability to change, what kind of life does one lead? You don't take chances, because that could make things worse. You may not be happy in your unchangeable existance, but it's familiar to you. Thinking of taking chances, and going out into the unfamiliar scares me, even though it is what I have done. I never thought twice. I jumped in head first (or heart first).

If you would just think outside the box, take that leap of faith, stare the fear straight in the face, then you would get to live the life you've only been able to dream about. So why do so many just stick to the status quo, and lead such unhappy and miserable lives?

These are just some thoughts that keep coming to mind after watching that one Everwood scene.

I used to say that I only wanted to move forward. I didnt want to even stand still. But the way I see things now is, as long as I am standing still in the familiar, then I am comfortable- and who wants to break free from their comfort zone? Is it better than changing something and taking the chances that things could be worse off?

Why not have the faith that if you take that leap of faith, do something out of the ordinary, that good things can actually happen?

I am sure I will think up more on this topic, but for now I leave you with this.

Tragic Flaws --

I was listening to a scene from one of my favorite shows; Everwood, and this specific scene got me thinking. Ephram, in this scene is talking about his tragic flaw, and that being the inability to change.

I used to think that my tragic flaw was my shyness, but after much deliberation in my head, I can see it's not my only flaw. I too, have the inability to change. I've tried to change, to make a plan and stick to it, but I still can't change. I always thought it was my surroundings that defined how I was; but that's not it at all.

It's my inability to change. Sure most people may have this flaw to a certain extent, some would never even notice, but inside us we all fear change at least a little bit.

Part of me just wants to go back in time, before anything HAD to change, and then never change again. I just don't feel that I am ready to make all these big changes. I still need time. I still need to grow up.

Honestly, I don't even see where my life is going to go. I don't know what, or who I want to be. I still need to figure it all out.