Monday, May 3, 2010

More on Tragic Flaws--

If we have the inability to change, what kind of life does one lead? You don't take chances, because that could make things worse. You may not be happy in your unchangeable existance, but it's familiar to you. Thinking of taking chances, and going out into the unfamiliar scares me, even though it is what I have done. I never thought twice. I jumped in head first (or heart first).

If you would just think outside the box, take that leap of faith, stare the fear straight in the face, then you would get to live the life you've only been able to dream about. So why do so many just stick to the status quo, and lead such unhappy and miserable lives?

These are just some thoughts that keep coming to mind after watching that one Everwood scene.

I used to say that I only wanted to move forward. I didnt want to even stand still. But the way I see things now is, as long as I am standing still in the familiar, then I am comfortable- and who wants to break free from their comfort zone? Is it better than changing something and taking the chances that things could be worse off?

Why not have the faith that if you take that leap of faith, do something out of the ordinary, that good things can actually happen?

I am sure I will think up more on this topic, but for now I leave you with this.

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