Friday, August 27, 2010

Update + Weigh in # 7

8/21- 23 minutes, 90 calories burned [149, 194]
8/22- 20 minutes, 92 calories burned [153, 177]
8/23- 46 minutes, 208 calories burned [173,221,143]
8/24- 20 minutes, 78 calories burned [142,204,107]
8/25- 51 minutes, 172 calories burned [131,225,164]
8/26- 62 minutes, 192 calories burned [160,230,118]

* [this is blood sugar levels first one in the morning, second after a meal. If there is a third it is because the second was too high so worked out to lower it]

Lost 2.2 pounds this week, bringing the total to 29 pounds!

I had a doctor appointment this week. Mainly just a checkup and to see what tests the doctor wants me to take. Next week I will have another a1c test to see if overall I have lowered my blood sugar in the past three months. I will also have a vitamin D level test to see if I need more (most likely because most people don't get enough). Also a microalbumin test to see if there is any damage to my liver. That's especially important because I do not know how long I have had diabetes.

Next week I will update with the results to the tests. Till then, I will talk to all of you soon.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Update & Weigh In # 6

Here it is, week 6 since I have been posting these weekly weigh in's on my blog. First as always, the workouts through the week.

8/15 - 32 Minutes, 137 calories burned
8/16 - 18 Minutes, 73 calories burned
8/17 - camping
8/18 - 41 Minutes, 173 calories burned
8/19 - 28 Minutes, 148 calories burned
8/20 - 21 minutes, 108 calories burned

Weigh In: Maintained.

That is understandable since it's been a hectic week. My cousins were here, and we went camping.

Nothing fancy this week, I will just keep the post short. Talk to you all next week for another weigh in.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Update & Weigh -In: Week # 5

8/6/10 - 23 minutes 109 Calories burned --
8/7/10 - 31 minutes 130 Calories burned [b/s:157;194] 7,065 steps
8/8/10 - 50 minutes 223 Calories burned [b/s: 149;190] 9,099 steps
8/9/10 - 31 minutes, 137 Calories burned [b/s:140;131] 5,240 steps
8/10/10 -30 minutes, 118 Calories burned [b/s:140;232;141] 5,024 steps
8/11/10 -31 minutes 131 Calories burned [b/s:147;179] 5,635 steps
8/12/10 -34 minutes, 134 Calories burned [b/s:153;132] 10,442 steps
8/13/10 - 39 Minutes, 172 Calories burned [b/s:136;169] 7,202 steps

Weigh In: Lost 1.2 Pounds this week!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Upcoming Writing Projects: More Info

So for the past few weeks I have been working on new writing projects (and new techniques for old projects too). I thought I would give a quick update for anyone interested.

First, the "old" project with "new" techniques. I read a tip given by the author that inspires me the most (who happens to also be my favorite author) Ellen Hopkins. She talked about creating your characters, figuring out what they are all about and let them tell their own story. Rather than create the plot and the situations and trying to make the characters fit in. Create the story around who they are. So I started working on that with two of my novel ideas and learned that two of the stories are actually going to work together (but still be separate).

Next, the big writing project that will launch September 1st. I am working on different subjects and with as many ideas that I can find. I am still kind of in the brainstorming stage, and slowly working into research and rough draft stage. I would like to publish one article/creative writing piece a day, or two if possible.

Some ideas are music reviews, movie reviews, book reviews, electronic/game/entertainment reviews, GIMP tutorials, Top 5/10 articles, health/weight loss/diabetes articles

Any suggestions on what I should write about? Anything you would like to know more about? I am open to researching a topic and writing about it.