Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Novel Idea [Two]

For the past four or five years, I have been coming up with new ideas for novels that I want to complete eventually. Now that I have this blog, I have decided to share the ideas and see what others think.

This story is the first one that I came up with, and I started writing it while I was a senior in high school.

Teenage Love Tragedy.

Two Lovers: Cheyenne and Andrew met in high school.She was a senior with great grades, with the world before her. She planned on going to college to study fashion design. Andrew was a junior and an all star athlete and musician. Music was his life and he planned to go on to college to further his music learning. However much to their surprise, their plans would fall short due to Andrew’s illness and body that was falling apart quickly. It struck him fast and ended his life shortly after he turned 18.

Cheyenne went crazy.Psychotic? Lunacy? She swore she saw his ghost. She was sent to an institution where she has a complete break down/panic attack where she sees her mothers ghost; who talks to her. This discussion turns Cheyenne’s whole life around.

She gets better and gets released, and is able to graduate high school after finishing her credits up with summer school.She goes to Julliard to study art and fashion;and finally gets an internship with a fashion magazine.One day on the way home from the internship, She sees both her mothers and Andrews ghost and she gets in an accident.Its too late when she gets to the hospital and the last words that spill from her lips are, “I Love You”; speaking to Andrew.

Read more: http://writinghood.com/writing/novel-ideas/#ixzz0neaFHa3S

Will write about the others in a post later on. Any thoughts?

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