Saturday, July 24, 2010

Update + Weigh In -Week # 3

7/24/10 - 50 minutes; 190 calories burned
7/25/10 - 61 minutes; 238 calories burned
7/26/10 - 31 minutes, 159 calories burned
7/27/10 - 32 Minutes, 143 calories burned
7/28/10 - 60 minutes; 233 calories burned
7/29/10 - 32 minutes; 162 calories burned

Weigh In - 7/30/10

This week I lost 2.6 pounds! So far I've lost 23 pounds, and have 82 to go!

I have been working out at least 30 minutes a day (as you can see at the beginning of the post), and trying to get better with eating. I am not a fan of fruits or vegetables so it is hard to get them included in my diet. I also don't think I have been getting enough calories everyday. I should consume at least 1200 (up to 1500) but somedays I can't get enough. So still learning as I go.

Next week I meet with my nutritionist again, and I will talk about that next week.

Trying to keep my blood sugar controlled. There is an easy way to lower it: exercise. 15 minutes has proven to lower it a lot.

Till next time, I will talk to all of you soon.

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