Friday, July 16, 2010

Update & Weigh in - Week # 1

Weigh In #1 = loss of 2 pounds

7/15/10 - 43 minutes, 182 calories burned
(the rest of the week + more can be found on my blog)

I will have a more updated post next week as I am not as prepared yet.

There are a lot of issues I need to work on as well as a diet, but I will get to them in time. As I find out ways to beat those issues I will write more about them.

My blood sugar is like a rollarcoaster effect; some days it's high, some it's low (not extreme low), sometimes its moderate. My first goal is to keep it under 200 as much as possible (which I have been doing pretty well) then the next step with my blood sugar will be to get it more under control. 140 after meals an 110 before meals an in the morning.
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