Friday, July 30, 2010

Week 4 Weigh In & Update

7/31/10 - Taebo - 45 minutes
8/1/10 - Taebo - 20 minutes
8/2/10 - 31 minutes, 135 calories burned
8/3/10 - 33 minutes; 135 calories burned
8/4/10 - 30 minutes, 143 calories burned
8/5/10 - 35 minutes, 162 calories

Unlocked new workout minute bank on the Wii fit + for 20 hours of working out total!

Weight In: Lost 2.4 more pounds this week which makes the total so far 25.6 pounds lost!

Today, Friday August 6th I went to see my nutritionist which I do at the beginning of every month. She was really proud and happy with my success so far. In a month (according to her scale) I lost 6.6 pounds. That's really great in one month! She made a goal for me to walk 10,000 steps daily (which would be 5 miles). I get around 5,000+ steps at the moment. So 10,000 steps will be a hefty goal but very doable.

I think that is all the news I have for this until my next update.....I'll talk to all of you soon.

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