Friday, September 3, 2010

Update + Weigh In # 8

It's been eight weeks already!? I can't believe it. However this week I do have some good news to post!

First the weekly workouts & Glucose.

8/27 /10 - 57 Minute workout; 235 calories burned [153,214,166]
8/28/10 - 55 Minute Workout; Unsure Cals Burned [143,293, 154]
8/29/10 -30 Minute workout; 145 calories burned [142, 175]
8/30/10 - 35 Minute Workout; 114 calories burned [151,151]
8/31/10 - 32 Minute Workout; 155 calories burned [161, 170]
9/1/10 -58 Minute Workout; 191 calories burned [136,231,154]
9/2/10 - 41 Minute Workout; 152 calories burned [142, 162]

Lost .6 this week.....bringing total weight loss to 30 pounds!


This week I met with my nutritionist (and Diabetes Educator) for my montly check in. I got the results from my blood tests from the other day and have great news to report. I lowered my A1C. It was 10.7 when I tested and was diagnosed with Diabetes 3 months ago. Now it is 7.1, that is a big drop. Losing weight has helped a lot, as well as taking control.

Some people neglect to take control and end up in bad situations. Some think that since they don't show symptoms of bigger problems that they are fine and then find themselves losing valuable things years down the road.

I also had a test to see if there was any damage to my Kidneys. Results were great. The normal/good range was 30 (whatever units of measurement) or less, and my result was a 6.

In about a week I will found out what my level of Vitamin D is.....and see if I need more or less of that.

Anyway....that is all the news and updates I have for this week. Until next Friday......I will talk to all of you soon.

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  1. I am really proud of your progress. It will make such a big difference to your health. Stick with it.

    Christine xx