Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Doctors, Health & Weight Loss

Soon, I am going to have another page on my blog about my journey of getting healthier and losing weight; but for now just going to make a little update to my blog.

Not to give out TMI (too much info) or gross anyone out here.

It all started sometime in 2009. I say sometime, because I am not exactly sure when I found the first sign of my skin infection. I am guessing it was at least 6 months ago. Anyway, been to the E.R. and two different doctors and I have a form of cellulitus (a slightly milder form) and now I am on 2 weeks of a new medication (not sure of the name at the moment). I have to take this medication 4 times a day.

Soon I will be meeting with the nutritionist and going on a "diet".

In the morning I will be having some blood taken for some testing. Some to see if I have anemia, thyroid problems, issues with blood pressure or cholestoral, and to see if I have diabetes or if I am at risk for having that.

I really want to get healthy and lose the weight- I just know it is going to be really hard.
Will create the new page and update daily as soon as I get the diet started or find out anything new.

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