Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update on Health.

So for those that know, I was recently diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. There is too much in the explanation of what diabetes is, so I won't go into that....but for me I am sure part of it is being overweight (obese, actually) and genetics.

So, Friday I went to see my nutritionist who explained what the disease is and how to, of course, eat better. I am hoping that I can help stablize my blood sugar by losing a significant amount of weight. For now, my final goal is to be 100 pounds. I could go down to around 90 for my height but I don't want to be underweight.

So that is where I am heading next. As much as a lifestyle change as I can make. I hate vegetables and fruits (besides apples and potatoes....and salad when I can stomach it), so I am going to just eat those and whole grains, and try to cut back on sodium and carbs and sugar.

Walking 30 minutes a day which is around 2 miles, uping it as much as I can everyday. Eventually I want to be able to run those miles so I can eventually run a 5k or even a marathon.
After I get back from the camping trip (starts Tuesday) I will add kickboxing, dancing, and various workouts. Hopefully when finances allow, I will also get a wii to add some variety with that.

Once I get comfortable with this, then I will start working on the mental stuff.

I will update here maybe once a week, or so and let everyone know how things are going.

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