Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Short Story Ideas....?

So, in my creative writing class we have to write 2 short stories. My first one is complete. It's about 2 cars full of people that get in a wreck, and then the people are stranded.

However, the second one I am having trouble coming up with an idea. If anyone who reads this has a good idea feel free to leave a response!

Will post my ideas as I find/think of some.

-Your camera has images on it that you haven't taken
-In a hall of mirrors where each mirror reflects a character trait, you see yourself as you really are
- Write about a potato and his/her adventures working at McDonalds
-Character gets amnesia (how?) and the story is about them uncovering their past and getting their memory back
-Write a story about an executive and a gang member stuck in an elevator. (Note: The executive has a wallet full of cash. The gang member has a knife in his jacket.)

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